Repeat Customers / Recertifying or Updating Your Appraisal Report

Are you thinking of refinancing your current mortgage? 

Are you thinking about putting your house up for sale? 

Are you curious if your house has increased in value?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, and can answer "YES" to:

"Has D & V Appraisals LLC done an appraisal of my property before?"

... then there's a very good chance we can be of service to you again at a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

No doubt you have heard the expression that "Time Is Money".  Well, this holds true not only for      D & V Appraisalls LLC, but for you also.   If we appraised your property before, then our appraisal inspection will go alot quicker.  While we still have to do an interior and exterior inspection of your home, we will not have to re-measure it!  This equates to saved time for us and saved money for you.  We will deduct 15% from our appraisal fee and that amounts to substantial savings for you.   

What is the difference bewteen UPDATING and RECERTIFYING the appraisal report?

Recertifying an appraisal is the process in which we certify that the property is unchanged and (minimally) has the same value it had when we first did the inspection.  Typically, by todays' lending standards or requirements, an appraisal report can only be recertified if it is less than 4-6months old.  Anything older would require an UPDATED APPRAISAL. How active the "market" is dictates how old an appraisal report can be for recertifying.

An updated appraisal takes an original appraisal report and updates the value with a new (updated) inspection and utilization of new (updated) comparable properties.

Houses that have been modified with additions or expansions CANNOT BE UPDATED and are not eligible for the discounted price.